The aim of the Pythian Order is to put into the home a good husband and father, into the community a good neighbor, and into the state a good citizen.

Help Us Reclaim The Pythian Temple
There are only a few of us and history has recorded from Biblical days through the Civil Rights Era and up to the present that all projects that lead to greatness were started by a few people. This is YOUR opportunity to reclaim the Pythian Temple Building and return it to the rightful owners, the Pythians and Calenthes.

The first 100 people to donate will be listed on a special recognition page in the souvenir book, and will be listed acording to the amount given in the categories of $100, $500, and $1,000 or more. Anyone can purchase a page, half page,or quarter page to tell or share a story that had been passed down or personally experienced, or why they decided to purchase a testimonial to support the Pythians.

This souvenir book will be distributed locally, regionally, nationally and internationally.


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